Defamation Claim

Our Firm is experienced in handling defamation claims. We assist clients in applying for injunctive relief from the Courts restraining the defendants from publishing and/or disseminating defamatory statements.

Any person who publishes defamatory matter regarding another person or an organization may be liable for defamation.  Defamation is commonly referred to as the damaging of another’s reputation by written words or by word of mouth. The publication of those written words or spoken words:

  • tends to lower the victim in the estimation of right-thinking member of society generally;
  • subjects the victim to public hatred, contempt or ridicule; or
  • demeans the victim in his or her profession or business.

The plaintiff can commence legal action in either the District court (without a jury) or in the Court of First Instance of the High Court (with or without a jury). As the “Legal Aid Scheme” does not cover defamation cases, clients often require professional assistance from legal team to assist their handling of such matters. 

Selected cases

  • The Incorporated Owners of Allway Gardens v. Lam Yuen Pun [2022] HKDC 608
  • Ever Learning Limited v. Cheung Yan Yan HCA2549/2014
  • 陳麟書 v 姚冠邦 (Defamatory disputes between directors of a listed company Bodibra)

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